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Integration with Third-Party Charts

It’s common knowledge that chart is a convenient tool for arranging and manipulating information. Charts can present large amounts of data in a simple schematic way. Keeping up with the times, Webix Library offers a possibility to integrate with popular charts of such Javascript libraries as D3, Raphael, Sigma and JustGage. At the same time, Webix has a collection of its own charts.

Building Chart View

You don’t need to write a lot of code in order to add third-party charts into a Webix application since it’s done with the help of dedicated Webix components.

However, these components aren’t included into the default lib package, so you have to download a JS file for the needed component from Webix open repository of helpers.

This special javascript file will connect your app to the necessary chart and autoload all the corresponding chart files.

Integration with Online Text Editors

There’s no doubt that a possibility to place an online text editor on the web page is a necessary and useful thing. Webix library offers a simple solution for such a task with just a bit of coding required.

For now, Webix provides support for such popular editors as Mercury, NicEdit, Tinymce, CodeMirror and CKEditor.

Mercury Text Editor

Integration with Online Geographical Maps

A possibility to add a location search mechanism to web pages is a frequently requested feature. Webix Library offers a simple and elegant solution for embedding online geographical maps into the web application.

This article will tell you how to add popular web maps such as Google, Nokia, OpenStreet and Yandex maps into a Webix app with just several lines of code.

Building Map View

Firstly, you should download the wrapper for the needed map from Webix open repository of helpers that connect your app to third-party applications without linking to them directly. Note that these extensions are not included into the default library package.

Secondly, once you’ve downloaded the necessary code file, you should include a link to it to the head section of your document. For instance, to embed Google Map you link to:

<script type="text/javascript" src="./googlemap.js"></script>


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