Happy Birthday, Webix 2021!

We are happy to celebrate our 8th birthday! Eight years ago, on July 7, 2013, Webix’s first release happened. We have been steadily growing since that time. At first, Webix was developed for internal purposes to make it easier for our specialists to work on their projects. But with time, we realized Webix was a product worth sharing with others.

Webix Autumn Follow-Up 2020

Today Webix UI library is an elegant and complete set of tools for building web applications quickly and conveniently. Here is a list of what Webix is proud of:

  •  102 UI widgets 
  • 13 complex widgets (ready-made SPAs) 
  • Webix Jet microframework 
  • UI designer 
  • 800+ loyal customers, some of them have been with us for four years and longer 
  • 20 dedicated and talented members of the Webix team 

We are not going to stop! Our 8-years-old offspring is gradually reaching adolescence. So, there is so much ahead.

Thank you, our dear customers, for being with us, for inspiring and criticizing us! We promise to continue doing our best!

Sincerely yours,

Webix team