Webix in Practice: web application development

Webix reactivates our practice of talking to customers. We are glad you are looking forward to sharing your experience with us. This time we are happy to talk to Bonard Tito Saragih (LinkedIn profile). Bonard works at Gnusa, a web application development company. The company deals with system architecture, cloud infrastructure, security, etc. We were pleased to find the Webix logo among the frameworks used in the company.

interview with Johan Smith

Hello, Bonard! Please tell us about your position and role in the company.

Hello! I work as an IT Project Manager. I’m the one responsible for organizing, planning, and resource allocation. I assist businesses in successfully completing tasks. They are often initiatives with specified IT objectives.

What do you use Webix for?

I like that Webix is a low-code platform. It provides developers with widgets that can be immediately used, which helps them to work faster. My team is using Webix on an internal project. 

Why did you decide to use a JavaScript UI library like Webix in your project?

Well, the time spent on development is shorter. It increases the speed of our work and it’s very suitable for internal projects.

Could you please mention the top three benefits you get from Webix?

The first thing is its compatibility with different browsers. This feature is important in web apps development. Second, I would mention the widgets. The choice of them is broad, and one more important thing is that they are accompanied by a lot of built-in functions. You get a complete, fully-functional application with each of the complex widgets. 

Which of the widgets do you use in your project? 

Kanban board, SpreadSheet and Query.

interview with Johan Smith

Why have you chosen Webix among other similar solutions on the market? 

I was looking for a platform that would be easy to develop, easy to integrate, flexible and accessible. Webix matched all those criteria, and that’s why the choice was obvious for me. 

Were there any difficulties in using Webix? What would you suggest we improve?

We are unable to create a responsive website with Webix. It would be fantastic if you could include capabilities for building a responsive and dynamic website.

Thank you for this feedback! Do you think that Webix is a well-known library compared to others?

It is, indeed.

Would you recommend Webix to a coworker? 

Yes, I have already done that. To my mind and judging from my personal experience, Webix is really helpful for the development team.

Could you please share your plans for the future with us? 

In terms of the present project, we intend to boost its productivity and performance. At the same time, I’d like to improve team communication and cooperation while continuing to create high-impact products.

Thank you for this conversation! We wish you success in your project. It’s great to be part of them.

The showcases of your experience with Webix bring us tons of valuable feedback and inspire us to further improve our library. If you have something to share with us, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to talk!