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Using JavaScript For ETL Processes

ETL stands for Extract, Transform, Load which are the three fundamental functions of database management. ETL tools typically combine all these functions into a single programming tool. With ETL, the application first reads data from a specified database and then transforms them to the desired format. The transformed data are written to a specified database which may or may not be new.

Webix February 2019 Follow-up

It’s about time to prepare your lighter clothing and sunglasses! Welcome the long-awaited spring! Let’s say goodbye to winter and recall the most important news and articles of February. Undoubtedly, the biggest event for our team was the release of Webix 6.2.

Webix 2018 follow-up

The New Year has come! It was a pleasure for us to share a lot of good news with you in 2018. We will continue doing our best to keep you informed. Let’s recall the most compelling and useful articles of the past year.

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