Using reCaptcha in the Webix Form

Bots are around us. Some of them are good and they help us in everyday tasks, but some are evil and attempt to steal our information. If you are familiar with web development and forms in particular, you may have faced certain security issues like abusive form input from bots. Measures need to be taken to make your website or web application more safe, and using reCaptcha is one of them. Despite Webix does not offer such a widget of its own, there is a solution to it.

Let’s take a closer look at this way of protecting websites and web applications from spam and abuse. I will not discuss the server side of reCaptcha validation in the article, I will only show you the client side logic.

Webix Form with reCAPTCHA


CSS on the Grid-iron: Grid Layouts

This is a guest post from our friends

Pity the poor table. Designed originally for the purpose of displaying row and column data, it has often had to serve double duty as a generalized layout tool, despite the many quirks that tables have for layout purpose and the fact that syntactically, a table is intended to contain data. Other solutions involved absolute positioning of display blocks, but these are often highly problematic in devices that can have windows of varying dimensions.CSS Grid Layout (more…)

Printing Functionality and Other Features of Webix UI 4.4

We are happy to announce our new release 4.4 of JavaScript UI components that will be available for download in a week. It includes 3 main features: printing directly from an application, advanced filtering and demos of integration with backend platforms.

JavaScript UI components library announsment


D3 Charts: Integration and Examples

Being keen on data management and visualization, Webix always stays flexible and open for interaction with other frameworks, so your creativity will never be limited. The UI library can easily welcome your favourite maps, text editors and visual data-driven tools like Sigma, Raphael and D3 charts in addition to JS Chart widget.
D3 Charts: Integration and Examples (more…)

What is the Difference Between UI Widget, Control, Component, Complex Widget

When reading Webix documentation you cannot but notice the variety of terms like component, ui control, ui widget and complex widget used alongside with each other. You may easily wonder whether they are interchangeable and how to distinguish between them. In the article below we’ll put them all to order.

jquey like UI widget control component description

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