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Webix in Practice: virtualization layer for the old hardware

The Webix team continues working on the library and its components. We are improving mostly due to the feedback of our customers. Today we talked to Ralf van Diesen (LinkedIn profile). He is the CEO of the Advanced Virtualization Technologies company. The company deals with the problem of old and obsolete hardware. They create a special virtual layer that allows existing software to run on the system without changing the hardware. The software designer of the company, Marie-France (LinkedIn profile), is also with us today. We are happy to know how Webix facilitates their job. 

interview with Johan Smith

Webix in Practice: pharmaceutical laboratory

Webix is planning to get better and stronger in the new 2022. To implement this New Year resolution we carefully listen to our customers’ feedback. Today we have Mr. David Sutton with us. David is a jack-of-all-trades in IT. Currently, he is the IT Director and a single developer of the family business, Compounder’s International Analytical Laboratory (visit the site). We are happy to learn David’s impressions of our product.

interview with Johan Smith