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Webix in Practice: digital construction routine

Today we talk with Tore Hvidegaard. He is the founder and CEO of 3dbyggeri, a digital construction company in Denmark. The company was established in 2007 and since that time they have become experts in digital construction of building materials and procurement rules. An architect himself, Tore has managed to create a dynamic company with the leading position in its business domain.

interview with Tore Hvidegaard

Software development time saving practices: Gantt charts for project management and UI libraries

Managing a project in software development is a challenging task: there are always lots of issues to face, team members who need to be controlled, deadlines that should be met in a timely manner, and tons of critical details that affect the whole project development. In this environment, time-saving practices take the stage and play a critical role: the better you master them, the higher the chances to successfully complete a project.