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Webix Hub: Your Digital Treasure Chest for Web Development

For centuries, buried treasure has captivated the imaginations of explorers and adventurers. The chance of uncovering a chest overflowing with glittering coins, jewels, and other riches is an exciting prospect. In many ways, Webix Hub is like a digital treasure chest, overflowing with nuggets of code and helpful tools for web development. So join us on this journey as we explore the many treasures contained within our GitHub repositories. Let’s start digging into this bounty!

Webix 10.2: chatbots and voice messages for Chat, arranging math results along the row axis for Pivot

As you may know, we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Webix this summer. It’s been an incredible journey, and we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our users and supporters.

In the meantime, our development team didn’t rest on their oars during this milestone celebration. Instead, we dedicated ourselves to preparing a noteworthy release for you. This time everything revolves around new features for our beloved complex widgets: Chat, Pivot and SpreadSheet. Let’s dive into the details together!

Mastering Localization with Webix

Imagine a busy workplace at an international company. In the midst of it is Sarah, our protagonist, a dedicated professional and a team lead. She and her team get the task of developing a web application that caters to a diverse customer base across various languages, cultures, and regions. As Sarah immerses herself in the project, she realizes that reaching a global audience is far from an easy task.

In this article, we, along with Sarah, will embark on a journey to get to know the world of the localization process, from planning to implementation. We’ll explore the challenges Sarah encounters and the solutions she discovers to create a successful localized web application.

Webix 10.1: group calls and refined messaging interface for Chat, “Year” mode for Scheduler, task priorities for ToDo

We have some exciting news to share with you: the long-awaited release of Webix 10.1 is here! This version is packed with powerful enhancements and impressive updates to our complex widgets. In addition to the features mentioned in the title, we prepared the “zoom” feature for SpreadSheet, some advanced “Chart” mode settings for Pivot, and many more. Let’s take a look together at all the features that Webix 10.1 has to offer.

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Creating a Budget Tracker App with Webix UI

In the midst of a busy schedule, you might wonder where all your money went. Tracing all your expenses can be a bit tricky. Usually there are some expenses that you might forget when making a budget, such as irregular bills, special days like Christmas or any parties. It is a good practice to write down every purchase to see a bigger picture of your expenses. And here come the budget tracker apps. From regular groceries to irregular nights out, such apps make budgeting easy.

Today I am going to show you how to create a simple budget tracker app with Webix UI.

You can find the full source code and a live demo here.

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