Webix 10.0: Desktop and ToDo widgets, new skins, baseline for Gantt

This year, Christmas came early for all Webix fans around the world. The Webix team is proud to present to you Webix 10.0. We put our all into work this summer and fall to give you the most breathtaking update of the year. The anniversary version of our library includes:

  • not one, but two new complex Widgets – Desktop and ToDo
  • two new skins
  • baselines for Gantt
  • and many more.

Read on if you want to know the details about all exciting features and updates.


We’re excited to share with you today a new Webix complex widget – Desktop. This is a tool for creating remote desktops. Use Webix complex widgets with it, or add your own apps – possibilities are endless. An intuitive interface makes it easy for end users to work with Desktop.



They say that good things come in pairs, and this is no exception. ToDo is the second complex widget we prepared for you. This is a simple task manager. Using a task management app may help you keep track of your daily routine and stay organized. ToDo makes it easy to create tasks, break them down into smaller tasks, and keep track of your progress.


Core updates

New Skins

Two brand new skins are avalable for the components of Webix core and complex widgets as well from 10.0.

Join the dark side with our new “Dark” skin. Whether dark skins fit your aesthetics, or you feel less tired and more focused while using them, you should definitely give “Dark” a shot. Also this skin is considered to be more inclusive for people with light sensitivity or visual impairment.



For those who are on the light side, we prepared the “Willow”. For the contrast color of this skin, we combined the colors white and blue to create a sky blue. Paired with white, sky blue makes a sleek color combination with a clean vibe.



Update of the locale settings

Starting with this release, you will be able to sort the data according to the language of the locale you choose. Also our team made it easier to check which locale is used.

We expanded the supported formats for numbers and currency. Now you can define the position of the minus sign and change the sign itself.


Gantt updates

In project management, a baseline is a clearly defined starting point for your project plan. It serves as a constant point of comparison and measurement for the progress of your project.
With our new “baseline” property you can set planned dates for your project: start date, end date and duration. This allows you to track the performance of your project over time.


Pivot updates

The biggest enhancement to Pivot is the addition of external data processing support. When working with large data sets, you may now use our backend solution to boost calculation performance. It is available for download as a zip file via the client area.

We have facilitated working with custom functions. Now if your custom function has two parameters, you don’t need to use a “complex” function to apply it. After choosing your function from the list of options, Pivot will automatically display two value selectors:


Also you can define your custom operations as objects to deepen up customization.

SpreadSheet updates

The first update for SpreadSheet is about the printing interface. With the help of the new “Hide/show print borders” button you can visualize the print borders of a page.


Another crucial feature is the ability to hide sheets via UI. From now on you can hide sheets from the new “Show sheets” dropdown menu at the bottom of the page.


You can also change the visibility from the “File” section of the top menu(if enabled).


What’s Next

The festive season is slowly approaching, with December just a few weeks away. We all look forward to the time spent with family, delicious meals and festive décor that this season offers. And don’t forget about presents, too!

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For more information on Webix 10.0 updates and fixes, visit the What’s new page of the documentation. To get the library itself, upgrade via npm, Client area or click the big purple button.

Download Webix 10.0