Webix 9.4: Multilevel Pie charts, labels and curved links for Diagram, printing several sheets at once for SpreadSheet

Today we are introducing Webix 9.4. The latest updates and new features include multilevel Pie charts, 3D Donut chart, link labels for Diagram and even more. Let’s dive into the details!

Core updates

Pies and Series

We have added the long-awaited “sibling” to the 3D Pie chart – the 3D Donut chart. Not only pies, but also donuts, are now available in 3D!

From now on, pies and donuts can have several levels. This may come in handy when your data are grouped into more than one category or initially have tree structure.

multilevel donut diagram

In addition, these types of charts support series. You can display information about various objects on a single chart to compare their dynamics.

pie chart with series

Contrast Labels

Because of the wide range of the background colors, sometimes it can be difficult to read the text labels. To solve this issue, we highlighted the pie labels in the contrasting colors. So now all the labels will stand out against any background.

donut chart

Gages and Formats

Another core update is for Gage. From now on, you can format Gage values with the format property. It can be useful when you need to round a value or add additional characters, like “%” or “$”, to it.

Diagram updates

Diagram and Diagram Editor have also got a lot of improvements since their last release.

Now you can create curving links that are easy to follow and eye-catching at the same time. There are more options for precise data visualization thanks to the variety of Diagram link styles.

diagram with curved links

Links also have labels of their own. This will help you explain relations between blocks. You can change the position of the label relative to the link, adjust its size, and set font options for the label text.

diagram links with labels

SpreadSheet updates

Spreadsheet also supports pies and donuts! You can insert these charts into sheets and configure them.

spreadsheet with multilevel chart

Choosing a sheet to print has become easier. We have added the ability to print not only the current sheet, but any other from the dropdown list as well.

spreadsheet print menu

Among other parts of today’s release are the ability to modify data on non-active sheets and improved calculating capabilities.

Pivot updates

Starting from the 9.4 version, Pivot supports pies and donuts with all their new features. For example, look at this multilevel 3D Donut:

pivot with 3d donut diagram

What’s Next

We will be working hard all summer long to prepare amazing features for upcoming releases. Keep in touch to make sure you won’t miss them during the summer holidays.

For more information on Webix 9.4 updates and fixes, visit the What’s new page of the documentation. To get the library itself, upgrade via npm, Client area or click the big purple button.

Download Webix 9.4