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Webix in the Press

Last week Webix technical director Maksim Kozhukh gave an interview for the IT blog SurviveJS.

Webix in the Press

In the conversation with the author of the blog Juho Vepsäläinen they discussed strong and weak peculiarities of the Webix library, touched upon interesting cases and plans for the near future. You can read the full text of the interview in the link Rapid JavaScript UI Development with Webix.

SurviveJS is a technical blog, devoted to the issues of web development and everything connected with front-end and JavaScript in particular.

Also, we would like to draw your attention to React Finland. This event takes place on 25-29.05.2020 in Helsinki, Finland. It is an international conference that unites React to developers.<

Wishes of Merry Christmas from Webix!

Holidays are coming and all of us at Webix join in sending season’s greetings. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! May the New Year bring many moments of warmth, love, and happiness!  We wish you a happy holiday season and a year of abundant joy and success!

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Wishes of Merry Christmas from Webix!

Thank you for choosing us! We hope we’ll stay in touch in the coming 2020 and in the years ahead!

Webix 7.1: Highlighting in Text Editors, Widget for Filtering, Scroll and DnD Updates for Touch Devices

Before you open any demo in the Snippet Tool: clear your browser cache, please.

Hello and welcome to you all! At the beginning of this long festive season, Webix team presents version 7.1 with two new widgets. The Filter widget is designed for complex data filtering, and TextHighlight is a text input that supports text coloring. Besides, we have made several important improvements for Webix widgets on touch devices. Read more to find out the details and try new widgets in demos.

Webix 7.1: Highlighting in Text Editors, Widget for Filtering, and Scroll and DnD Updates for Touch Devices

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