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Webix in Practice: Helping a Startup Create Apps for Enterprise Content Management

Our startup support program is showing promising results. Young specialists and new companies from all over the world bring their projects to fruition using Webix. Who’s been with us for a while, knows it firsthand that our library allows programmers to accelerate web development significantly. And it’s great to help younger teams get on track by providing them with an opportunity to create apps very quickly and effortlessly. We must admit that feedback from our startup customers is inspiring. Another success story has arrived from Germany.


Webix 7.0: UI Designer, Webix Tutorials, and Timeline Widget

Meet Webix 7.0 and brand new tools for learning and prototyping. The library now includes a new widget for creating timelines, disabled options for controls and lists and a new autocomplete functionality for text inputs.

We have also released handy tools for our users: UI Designer for low-code UI prototyping and new Webix Tutorials for beginners. Dive in for details.

Webix 7.0: UI Designer, Webix Tutorials, and Timeline Widget

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