Webix 4.0 is coming soon: 4 big changes

We are happy to announce the upcoming major Webix 4.0 release with 4 remarkable updates that you will definitely appreciate: accessibility, Angular 2 compatibility, updated SpreadSheet, new widget, control and improvements.

Webix 4.0 release


Webix Accessibility

Webix 4.0 meets the requirements of WAI-ARIA, the standard of accessible Internet applications. With Webix 4.0 you will be able to create desktop and mobile web apps suitable for people with special needs. The new release contains high contrast theme, special markup for screen readers and full keyboard navigation.

Angular 2 compatibility

Webix Angular 2 compatibility

Good news for all Angular 2 lovers! Webix 4.0 is adjusted for compatibility with the new framework that has already won hearts of front-end developers. You will be able to connect Webix 4.0 and Angular 2 easily just by following the directions of the related guide.

Updated SpreadSheet

Webix SpreadSheet

Another precious stone of the future release is an updated Webix SpreadSheet complex widget with Excel-like functionality that highly improves data processing in web apps.

The new SpreadSheet will replace the old version from September 27, 2016, and all the clients with valid SpreadSheet license will receive the update free of charge. The new price will be announced on the date of release.

New widget, control and improvements with Webix 4.0

Date range picker, Google maps widget

  • Date range picker (for Webix PRO) will let you select date and time periods in the calendar. The control comes with the related filter for Webix DataTable.
  • Google maps widget will allow using the map like a data component. Just load the data and you will see markers or heatmap depending on your choice.
  • Improved responsive features will simplify the creation of adaptive web apps.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

The release is scheduled to September 27. So stay tuned and check out our latest news.