Webix 7.1: Highlighting in Text Editors, Widget for Filtering, Scroll and DnD Updates for Touch Devices

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Hello and welcome to you all! At the beginning of this long festive season, Webix team presents version 7.1 with two new widgets. The Filter widget is designed for complex data filtering, and TextHighlight is a text input that supports text coloring. Besides, we have made several important improvements for Webix widgets on touch devices. Read more to find out the details and try new widgets in demos.

Webix 7.1: Highlighting in Text Editors, Widget for Filtering, and Scroll and DnD Updates for Touch Devices

TextHighlight with Text Coloring

This is a text input for short or multiline text that supports text coloring. Enter a year to filter films in the table below:

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TextHighlight also works with dropdown lists and can color the options after they are added into the input. This feature is now enabled for the Comments widget where it is used to color the names of mentioned users in the edit area.

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Texthighlight has also replaced the old formula colorer in Spreadsheet:

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The full list of updates for Spreadsheet is on the What’s new page.

Widget for Complex Filtering

With Filter you can define complex filtering rules for data. The widget looks similar to the Excel filter. It is a good alternative for a more complex Query Builder.

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Webix Widgets on Touch devices

The behavior of drag-n-drop and scroll on touch devices has become more stable. Whenever possible, native touch scroll is used, which makes scrolling smooth, fast and helps to avoid several known bugs. Our team will continue working on the performance of Webix components on touch devices, so stay tuned.

What’s Next

You can find the complete list of all updates and fixes on the What’s new page.

To check out new possibilities and updates, upgrade Webix via npm, Client area or click the big purple button to download it.

Download Webix 7.1

We wish you happy holidays! Till next time.