Coming Soon: New Complex Widgets

Good news! We’ve decided to add new complex widgets based on users’ feedback. Get familiar with the new components and don’t miss the opportunity to participate in their further development by voting for the preferred widgets and features.

Document Manager

Document Manager is an efficient complex widget that will enable you to store, arrange, and manage a large number of documents and files. This component will provide an online document depository with a quick search option. By downloading the ready-made Document Manager widget you will be able to save a lot of working hours spent on creating UI design.

With Webix Document Manager you will get the following features:

· Custom icon set
· Drag-and-drop
· Sorting
· Filtering
· Embedded document preview

Moreover, over time we intend to add such characteristics as split panels view, screen with search results, free-hand view mode. Please check this link and vote for the features that you would like to have in Document Manager.

Report Manager

Another JavaScript complex widget that we are planning to launch is Report Manager. It will allow visualizing data and creating data-rich reports with lots of charts. You’ll be able to build your own reports on the basis of Pivot Tables и predefined visual reports.

Webix Report Manager will come with a set of key features:

· Custom charts and tables
· Drag-and-drop support
· Predefined custom reports

We are also going to complement the widget with Pivot integration, Report designer tool, and Report templates view. Follow this link to cast your votes for the features that you consider useful.

User Manager

User Manager is one more complex widget included into Webix roadmap. This UI component will allow managing users, creating user profiles, groups, and project boards. You will be able to save a lot of working hours and efforts by implementing our User Manager into your business web app.

User Manager peculiarities:
· Custom icons set
· User Profiles
· User groups
And don’t forget to make your choice as for the potential features of this complex widget. Use the link to vote for Group board, Roles board, or Projects Board. 


The Webix team is in continuous search of new ways for improvement. Close collaboration with our customers gives us invaluable ideas for further development and growth. That’s why we kindly invite you to take part in our survey.