Webix September-October 2019 Follow-up

September and October have flown by imperceptibly. So it’s about time to sum up the accomplishments of the Webix team during this period of time. Without doubt, the most prominent event of autumn 2019 was the release of Webix 7.0.

Check out the main changes:

Webix UI Designer. It’s a perfect tool for creating UI prototypes and checking the future web app’s look-and-feel.

Webix tutorials. Our new tutorials have become more interesting and contain the updated information on such topics as Quick start, Datatable, and Controls.

Webix Timeline widget.

• The possibility to disable options of Tabbar, Segmented, Radio and items of List and Menu.

• The autocomplete functionality with Suggest Lists for Text Inputs.

• The updated Datatable column settings.

• The removal of deprecated and rarely used API from the library.

Webix workshop

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Webix insights

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