Major Webix Release 6.0 with New Skin and Custom Packages

The long-awaited day has come: Webix 6.0 is here. And it hasn’t arrived quietly, so fasten your seatbelts and prepare for most dramatic changes. Webix now has a new default material skin. You can build your own Webix pack only with the widgets you need.

Read on to find out what awesome updates await you and how to integrate them.

Major Webix Release 6.0 with New Skin and Custom Packages

New Material Skin

Now you will be able to create applications with the new default material skin and its compact version. And oh boy it is awesome!

Webix new material skin

These are the flashiest features of the new skin:

  • light modern theme

Webix new material skin light

  • true material spirit

Webix new material skin true spirit

  • material design icons (optional)

Webix new material skin mdi icons

Webix new material skin dark and shadowy widgets

To see the new skin in action, check out the adorable new demos. By the way, they have been created with Webix Jet and the source code is available on GitHub.

The Fate of Other Skins

If you are not yet ready to appreciate the new look of Webix and would rather stick to the blue classics, don’t worry. The Flat skin is still there in the pack, and you can include it as:

<link href="../codebase/skins/flat.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

The pack now includes the following skins:

  • Material (default)
  • Mini (the compact version of the Material skin)
  • Flat
  • Compact (the compact version of the Flat skin)
  • Contrast

It is time to move on and say goodbye to some of the other outdated skins, including the old material.

Icons in New Webix

To minimize the overall size of Webix, the pack includes only those icons, that are used in widgets. If you need extra icons that are not included, you can use Material Design, Font Awesome or any other set of icons. You can read about them in our documentation.

Custom Package

Starting from version 6.0, the package includes full sources and the building toolchain. It provides the ability to customize the package – you can remove unnecessary widgets or features (and decrease the package size) as well as apply your own low-level modifications to the Webix codebase.

Third-party Components Integrations Updated

Webix integration with third-party components has been updated to the latest versions of components. The usage was simplified as well, now you need to include only the file of related component without any extra configuration. By default, all the open source components are loaded either from the official CDN or the global cdnjs. Go to the documentation for details.

SpreadSheet Updates

SpreadSheet also received some interface updates:

  • you can add comments to cells;
  • additional buttons for changing the number of digits after the floating point;
  • the ability to set the decimal delimiter of numbers for copy/paste operations between Excel and SpreadSheet.

Get, Set, Go

As always, there are a number of other minor updates and bug fixes, the full list of which you can find in the documentation. Feeling all eager to try the new Webix? Update to the latest version or get the Free Trial!

Download Webix 6.0