Meet Webix 4.0 with 4 big changes

September 27 is the most important day of the year for Webix community — as we have recently announced, it is the date of Webix 4.0 release.
Webix 4.0
As the version number suggests we have four main changes in the agenda:

1. Accessibility

Webix Accessibility
The main theme of the 4.0 release is Accessibility. From now on Webix complies with ARIA standards, which makes all Webix-based apps accessible to people with special needs. Here are the three features that enhance accessibility:

  • Keyboard navigation. You can navigate the application without a mouse or any pointing device.
  • Special markup for screen reading software. WAI-ARIA attributes prompts screen readers about the role of Webix widgets and their elements, which means extra opportunities for visually impaired people.
  • Contrast skin. We have added a high-contrast skin in addition to the existing 12 ones. With this special skin you can provide high contrast between the background and UI elements. It can be used in both desktop and mobile version of your application.

Contrast skin

2. Angular 2 compatibility

Angular 2 compatibility
The new framework has already caught the fancy of millions of programmers. We decided to bring together Webix and Angular 2 by making adjustments in Webix code. As a result, Angular 2 can be used on the same page with Webix UI library.

We are not speaking about the full integration, but using Angular 2 with Webix became much easier. Check our instructions for details.

3. Updated SpreadSheet

Updated SpreadSheet
Webix complex widget SpreadSheet was initially launched in February 2016. It’s high time to update it with the new functionality:

  • multiple sheets and easy import and export of Excel files
  • cell formatting functionality with the help of custom formatting functions
  • significantly improved editing options: now you can sort and filter data, add hyperlinks, lock cells, create dropdown menus and clear styles
  • new operations for rows and columns: now you can add, remove, hide and show them. In addition, you can show and hide headers and gridlines
  • the possibility to embed images and sparklines

You can check the new SpreadSheet live Demo.

The updated SpreadSheet is available for $329 for clients with Webix PRO license and $499 for new clients. All customers with the valid SpreadSheet license will get the update for free. Webix Enterprise Pack still includes SpreadSheet and has no price changes.

4. New Webix 4.0 widgets and improved responsiveness

New Webix widgets
The number of Webix widgets increases with each new release. In Webix 4.0 we introduce the Google-map widget based on Google MapsTM; DateRangePicker control and improved responsive functionality.

Maps widget
The new widget allows integrating the world’s most popular map directly into your app.
The Google-map widget can not only paint Google maps in the container but also load data to it that will be displayed as markers or heatmap depending on your choice.

DateRangePicker control (Webix PRO only)
We are all familiar with selecting start and end dates in user-friendly calendars on booking websites. Webix 4.0 offers a similar control called DateRangePicker that allows inputting date periods using the related pop-up.
In addition, Webix adds DateRangeFilter to the filter collection of the Datatable widget. It allows filtering data by date periods.

Improved responsiveness
Adaptation of Webix apps to desktop and mobile screens has become much more convenient and faster with the help of the following features:

  • onResponsiveHide and onResponsiveShow events for responsive layouts
  • the ability to set widgets non-responsive
  • FlexLayout and FlexDataLayout widgets (FlexDataLayout is PRO-only) that provide native responsiveness without any extra configuration
  • advanced options for aligning and centering widgets in layout

The new Webix release also contains minor API updates and, of course, some bug fixes. The 4.0 version is backward compatible with the 3.6, but please check breaking changes in PDF viewer API and keyboard navigation.

You can already download your free Standard or trial PRO Webix 4.0.