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Webix 2.2: New Widgets Features and UI Improvements

We are happy to inform you about the update of Webix UI library. The new version 2.2 introduces plenty of new handy features and lots of other significant improvements.

New Buttons in Calendar

Version 2.2 has brought new optional “Clear” and “Today” buttons to the Calendar widget.
The button “Today” makes it possible to view the current calendar date. The “Clear” control is intended for removing the date selection.

Clear and Today Button in Webix Calendar

These buttons will be visible by default. If you need to hide these controls, you can easily do it with one codeline.

Top 10 Articles about Webix UI for 2014

We’ve decided to collect top 10 Webix blog posts for 2014 in one review article. Here you’ll find out how to create a Web Chat or mobile app with our library or how to optimize your working process by means of handy Kanban board widget. Moreover, in these range of articles we are talking about using Webix with NodeJS, DND within widgets and about many other.

Using JavaScript Library Webix with NodeJS

NodeJS is a programming technology that allows creating server-side applications in several code lines. By the way, you can make web apps on NodeJS platform fully in JavaScript, which is a significant advantage. Fortunately, Webix components are compatible with this technology!

Using JavaScript Library Webix with NodeJS

This article will tell you about the simplicity of connecting Webix UI to a database with the help of NodeJS. Moreover, you can use the same server-side code for any Webix component and with any data.

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Webix Kanban Board – Perfect Widget to Improve Your Workflow

We are glad to present you a new Webix widget Kanban Board. This is a tool that allows tracking the work flow and change it on the go according to the requirements. Thus, you will develop all your products Just-in-time.

Moreover, Kanban displays the work processes in a transparent way. It allows team members to know what they should be working on, track the workload level of each participant and, as a result, be aware of the real state of project development.

With Webix Kanban, you’ll get the entire idea of your business process and will be able to achieve amazing operational results in terms of quality and performance.

kanban board free

If you would like to get Webix Kanban Board, please go here.

Webix 2.1: Improved Compatibility with jQuery, Bootstrap and Beyond

We are glad to inform you about the update of Webix to version 2.1. This release presents a wide range of features. Most of them are aimed to improve the current compatibility of the Webix widgets with frameworks, libraries and browsers. Version 2.1 also includes some UI improvements and general bug fixes.

Compatibility with Bootstrap

Since version 2.1, Webix runs with Bootstrap, a popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework, even better, which allows you to build nice web apps which contain beautiful elements.

webix compatibility with bootstrap

Webix Mobile Scheduler – JavaScript Event Calendar for Mobile Devices

It is hard to imagine a modern life without planning both business and personal events. We can use desktop calendars, datebooks, web apps for such purposes. But the most convenient calendar is the one that is always at hand – a mobile calendar. JavaScript Scheduler is a JavaScript and HTML5 event calendar adapted for mobile devices.

This web calendar allows creating easily editable single- and multi-day events. To edit an event, you simply need to click on it and make the necessary changes in the “Edit” form. To change the start and end dates you should click on the corresponding form field and then select the date in the calendar.

Webix Scheduler has 3 basic views: Day, Week and Month. It is possible to navigate between them by clicking on calendar tabs.

Webix Mobile Scheduler- basic views

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