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Webix 7.3: Document Manager, Query Widget and Embedded Charts in Spreadsheet

Amidst the hard times that we are facing now it is important to keep on doing what we do. Thus, today we are especially excited to announce the release of Webix 7.3 that includes two complex widgets: Document Manager and Query, as well as the ability to embed charts and filter dates in Spreadsheet.

Read more to learn the details of these updates.

Webix 7.3: Document Manager, Query Widget and Embedded Charts in Spreadsheet

Creating a Rich Javascript Form with Webix UI

Only good-looking and powerful tools for interacting with users can help developers conquer the modern web. Forms are true visitor cards of your application, as the positive experience during filling them adds a lot to user loyalty. Let’s find out how many carma points you can achieve by choosing Webix Javascript form.
forms in javascript

Boosting Webix Pivot Performance: HTML5 Web Workers

Performance is a key feature of modern web applications. It is a mountain you have to climb to win your customer’s heart, but sometimes its top remains unreachable due to heavy tasks the application has to perform on the client side.

Take, for instance, Webix Pivot table JS widget. It does a hard job of calculating and aggregating data and may leave the UI unresponsive if the data is too big. Fortunately, from version 4.2 the widget comes supplied with an HTML5 Web Worker, which takes all the data processing into a separate thread.

web workers for high-performant web pages

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