Webix 7.3: Document Manager, Query Widget and Embedded Charts in Spreadsheet

Amidst the hard times that we are facing now it is important to keep on doing what we do. Thus, today we are especially excited to announce the release of Webix 7.3 that includes two complex widgets: Document Manager and Query, as well as the ability to embed charts and filter dates in Spreadsheet.

Read more to learn the details of these updates.

Webix 7.3: Document Manager, Query Widget and Embedded Charts in Spreadsheet

Document Manager

The successor of File Manager 7.2, the brand new widget opens a way to true document management with the following features:

  • marking files and folders as favorite;

Document Manager marking files and folders as favorite

  • assigning tags to files and using them for searching;

Document Manager assigning tags to files

  • sharing files with collaborators;

Document Manager sharing files

  • viewing recently accessed files;

Document Manager viewing recently accessed files

  • trashing files and folders before removing them completely;

Document Manager trashing files and folders

  • editing Excel files from the interface;

Document Manager editing Excel files

  • commenting files and folders.

Document Manager commenting files and folders

You can start working with your documents just by adding or uploading them to the widget.

Try adding a file and then open it:

View code >>

Document Manager is supplied with a ready-made Golang backend, NodeJS alternative is on the way. Unlike File Manager, it requires a MySQL database on the server side.


The widget comes as a powerful alternative of Query Builder, but presents a more flexible way to filter data wrapped into the neat user interface.

Try adding a filter:

View code >>

It features vertical and horizontal layout of panels and can be easily configured by the end user thanks to the Filter widget behind.

Try changing a rule:

View code >>

The widget benefits from the same Webix Jet-based approach used in File and Document Managers, which makes all the customizations easy. Also, we provide Golang and NodeJS sample backends to create SQL queries to search for data on the server side.

We will keep and support Query Builder, but major updates will be provided for Query widget only.

Spreadsheet Updates: Charts and Dates

Starting from Webix 7.3, you can embed charts and pictures as well as any Webix widgets above grid cells.

This demo shows how:

View code >>

You can configure chart data with the help of a dedicated wizard: select data range from Spreadsheet, define the type of the chart and configure its legend and X axis labels. We plan to develop this functionality and come up with in-detail chart tuning in one of the next versions.

Spreadsheet Updates: Charts and Dates

Also, the widget has been given an extra touch upon date formatting and filtering, namely:

  • ability to filter dates with Excel filter;
  • ability to serialize and parse filter values;
  • ability to use date for conditional formatting;
  • formatted values resulting from date formulas with operands;
  • formatted options in dropdown editors.

Other updates

The Webix library itself was stabilized with numerous bug fixes. The updates include a possibility to keep windows open when the Escape key is pressed, and a set of global filtering helpers.

What’s Next

You can study the What’s new page to find out the full list of updates and fixes. To check out new possibilities and updates, upgrade Webix via npm, Client area or click the big purple button to download it.

Download Webix 7.3

We wish you to stay safe, healthy and open-minded. Better times will inevitably come.