Birthday Release of Webix 7.4: Chat Widget, Updates for Document Manager and Spreadsheet

Seven year ago on July 7th, Webix was released for the first time. During these years the library grew up into the mature eco-system for building web applications and gathered a large audience of developers. We are happy to deliver quality code and support you in your business solutions. Hope it is so 😉

Birthday Release of Webix 7.4: Chat Widget, Updates for Document Manager and Spreadsheet

To keep up with the tradition, today we are ready to present Webix 7.4 with the emphasis on complex widgets.

Chat widget

First and foremost, we have worked out a solution for messaging on the base of the existing Comments component. With the new Chat widget you can:

  • display the list of users and visualize their statuses
  • chat messages

  • create private chats with one user
  • create chats with multiple users for group discussions
  • chat users

  • edit chats: set pictures, titles and modify the participants
  • edit chat

Live demo >>

The widget comes with the ready-made backend tuned for live updates, so you can start using it straight out of the box with the minor changes needed to enable the real user logging.

Get Chat widget

Managing tags and edit version in Document Manager

We continue to enhance our file and document management tools with the two updates for Document Manager.

In addition to tagging documents, now users get the ability to create new tags at runtime, modify them, set colors as well as delete the unneeded tags.

manage tags

Also, with text (.js, .html, .txt) and Excel files, you can browse the edit history, compare the versions and restore any edition.

file editing versions

Full control over embedded charts in Spreadsheet

Embedded charts in Spreadsheet were enhanced with a number of user controls to tune their look and feel in detail.

spreadsheet charts
Live demo >>

Now you can set specific data ranges for chart series, its xAxis and legend as well as control each graph separately and set its data, color, and the appearance of its points.

Moreover, extra stylistic controls are now provided to set the legend position, axis lines and titles.

Export of embedded charts and images

From now on, you can export not only the main Spreadsheet data, but also its embedded charts and images. You can download PDF/PNG and Excel files for charts and PDF/PNG files for images.

export charts

Prompt window

And there’s a small yet a frequently asked update to the Webix Core itself. Now you can easily show prompt windows to users with a built-in Webix modal box:

webix.prompt().then(resolve, reject);

prompt window
Live demo >>

And as usual, Webix Core and Widgets were stabilized with a number of bug fixes.

One more widget in the middle – User Manager

You might have already noticed that we released one more complex widget at the beginning of June. It is User Manager, a tool for controlling user access rights, user roles and permissions in applications.

Checkout User Manager features and license terms by the following link.

What’s Next

If you are interested in Webix Jet approach we use for the new complex widgets, go to the related blog article where we share the ideas on the strategy.

For more information on Webix 7.4 features and updates, go to the What’s new page. To get the library itself, upgrade via npm, Client area or click the big purple button to download the library.

Download Webix 7.4

Enjoy summer – with the social distancing recommended for your country, stay healthy and share your feedback and ideas in the comments section.