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Webix 1.5: Improved Mobile Device Support

One of the main Webix features is the ability to run correctly on both desktop and mobile devices. So it means that you can develop one web app which supports multiple platforms.

We are constantly improving the above functionality. Thanks to the efforts of our professional team, starting from version 1.5, Webix mobile web apps look and perform on touch devices even better. To evaluate the positive changes that were implemented, check this demo with a new skin on your mobile device.

touch demo

How to Build a Mobile Web App with Webix

One of the key advantages of the Webix library is the ability to work on both desktop and mobile devices. A web-based user interface created with Webix will work properly on both platforms. Still there are some recommendations which will help you to achieve a better user experience while developing your mobile web app.

In this article I’ll try to describe the most significant features of mobile applications development. Let’s go into details by creating a simple ‘contact list’ app. This is a common app that allows users to create a contact list, look up the necessary contacts and view their details.

mobile app

You can download the full sources of the actual working application from the github repo or go check a live demo.

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