Webix 2.0 Preview: Multi-text Inputs, Extended Localization and Other Improvements

Despite it is summer and the thermometer says it’s time go at the seaside we are actively preparing for the release of Webix 2.0. There a lot of plans for the next library version and we implement them little by little.

In general, the new version 2.0 will deliver an improved performance, plenty of new features, UI improvements and a smoother behaviour. In this article it goes about a few of them.

Multi-text Inputs

With Webix multi-text inputs, it will be possible to create a form where a user will be able to add multiple entries dynamically and submit them simultaneously.

webix mult-text inputs

On pressing ‘+’ icon, an additional text input will be created and added to the form. And on pressing ‘-‘ icon, the input will be removed.

Advanced Editors in Property Sheet

Property sheet is a specialized control that presents ‘name:value’ pairs for a list of properties.

property sheet


In the new version of Webix this component will be able to use a wide range of on-page editors such as a text field, a checkbox, a drop-down list box, a ‘select’ control and a richselect. For more advanced use-cases Webix property sheet will allow using Grid Suggest, Dataview Suggest and Datepicker.

Dataview suggest in Property Sheet

Dataview Suggest extension is used to add extra functionality to Webix select controls, namely combo and richselect. It will enable you to make use of either images or complex HTML content as select options in property sheet.
dataview suggest

Grid suggest in Property Sheet

Grid Suggest extension is based on Webix suggest list for such select controls as combo and richselect. As a result, you will be able to edit the content of a property sheet by using the editing, sorting and filtering functions of the Webix DataTable.

grid suggest

Datepicker in Property Sheet

Starting with version 2.0, you will be able to use datepicker in property sheet. Datepicker control supports all date and time formats and can also display hour and minute selectors.

date-picker-in -property-view

Extra locales

Webix has a built-in support for localization and internationalization. But default package includes only 5 locales though. The version 2.0 will include about 350 locales (as a standalone package) with Date and Number formats for most of the languages and cultures.

The range of these features is only a small fraction of what will be inlcuded in the new version of Webix. We have great plans. Just stay tuned!