Webix 2.5: MS Edge Support, Major Updates in Pivot and Kanban

We are glad to announce our small but effective and long-expected Webix update 2.5! Firstly, we can boast of Microsoft Edge support. Despite this new browser for Windows 10 hasn’t been released yet, Webix widgets already support it. Secondly, we’ve improved our complex widgets such as Pivot and Kanban, as well as added an opportunity to block time in Calendar widget. And the final traditional update is bugs fixing.

If you are too busy to read the whole post, you can download a new library version here.

Microsoft Edge ready

Since the version 2.5, Webix supports Microsoft Edge, which is a default browser for upcoming Windows 10. Microsoft has announced that it would have plenty of JS improvements over IE11 and similar performance to Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Webix with MS Edge support

Webix is MS Edge ready, which means that your web apps will run flawlessly across a new cutting edge browser as soon as it is officially released (on July, 29).

Enhanced Kanban Performance

The updated version of Webix Kanban has a new great feature! Now it supports swimlanes that are very handy when, for instance, different software versions have to walk through the same path or flow.

Swimlanes in Webix Kanban

Extra Functionality in Pivot

Webix Pivot Table and Chart widgets have met several important changes within this update as well. The first one concerns their functionality. Now you can define a footer for Pivot Table with cells that will show the total sum of the values in the columns.

Total sum in Pivot Table

Moreover, you can add a special column to Pivot Table that will also calculate the sum of values in its rows.

The second update implies changing the Popup configuration of both Pivot Table and Pivot Chart components. Check the pictures with popups below. They will speak for themselves.

Pivot Table

Pivot Table popup configuration

Pivot Chart

Webix Pivot Chart Popup Configuration

Calendar with Blocked Time

The new library version also provides you with the opportunity to disable timeslots in Webix Calendar with blockTime() function. The time range that is not available for users will be crossed and colored in light gray.

Disables time periods for Calendar widget

These Calendar scenarios are widely used and might be helpful for your business apps.

Form Improvements

One more significant Webix 2.5 feature allows adjusting the data format of Form, Property View and Toolbar widgets the way you need. With this improvement, you’ll be able to populate these components with complex data that feature sub items of any nesting level.

json to form

Surely, we’ve always been taking into consideration all your offers and requirements. Some of them were implemented in this release in the form of UI enhancements and bug fixes. Thank you for your feedback!

For more information, consult the following list of changes.

Want to evaluate all the above-mentioned updates? Download Webix for free right now!