Webix 4.1 with new Gage widget and functionality for Internet of Things (IoT)

We are happy to introduce Webix 4.1 UI library with a Gage widget, Rich Text Editor control, and upgrades for Charts widget. This release of Webix JavaScript library will help you to solve the task of displaying dynamic data. You can create a dashboard for monitoring the performance of several resources and even a complex control panel like in a vehicle or weather station. For more information check our previous updates: minor Webix 3.4 and major Webix 4.0.

Learn more about new JavaScript widgets and controls

Gage widget

How to display speed or pressure in a usual way with a sensor and a pointer? New Gage widget for dashboard gauges is an answer.
Visualizing data: speed, pressure, network usage. JavaScript Gage widget
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The new widget shows the measured parameter in a “speedometer” way. The color reflects the value and goes from green (minimum) to red (maximum). The Gage widget allows setting the name and the initial value of the measured parameter, start and end range values, units of measure, as well as the size of the gage. Webix Gage is only available in Webix PRO.

Rich Text Form control

Meet new Rich Text Form control. It’s created in addition to the integration with third-party text editors and Webix Text and Text Area form controls.
JavaScript component Reach Text Form for formatting text
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With the new control end users will be able to edit the entered text and apply formatting in a pair of clicks.

Dynamic Charts

With the new release, Webix Chart gained the ability to animate adding of values in dynamic mode. This mode implies that data won’t be loaded into Chart all at once. Values will appear in Chart with some interval, which allows you to see the whole picture and reveal particular tendencies.
JavaScript HTML5 Dynamic Charts with animation
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With Dynamic charts you can monitor changeable quotes on the market, sales reports, and other valuable data online. The setting is now available for Line, Spline, Area и SplineArea charts.

SplineArea Charts

SplineArea Charts — a new type of Charts that combines the features of Spline and Area Charts. Use SplineArea Charts to show gradual changes over time and to highlight the magnitude of these changes.
JavaScript Spline Area Charts for developers
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Settings for SplineArea Chart are common with the Area Charts family and include colors, transparency, scales, legend and tooltips that show exact values of the key points.

Updates introduced by the Webix javascript framework will be helpful for those who do IoT business. Infrastructure and manufacture management, environmental monitoring, building and home automation. So don’t waste your time and start coding your new impressive web app with Webix 4.1 JavaScript library for IoT.

Webix 4.1 is backward compatible with Webix 4.0. The release includes a number of updates and small fixes.

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