Meet Webix 4.3 with Bullet graph, React integration and new controls

Webix UI library with React integration

The new release of the Webix Javascript library is available for download from now on. Both Webix Standard for open source projects and Webix PRO for commercial use have been updated. Let’s take a look at the main changes.

FormInput UI control

FormInput Javascript UI control
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The new release contains the FormInput control that allows using any Webix widgets as form controls. Thanks to the FormInput component, you can create rich forms containing tables, fields, drop-down lists, etc. that possess unified look-and-feel.

DoubleList UI control

Doublelist UI JavaScript control
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New JavaScript DoubleList control provides a more simple alternative for multicombo controls and allows to select multiple values in easy and intuitive way. The new control gives you a wide variety of selection possibilities. You can select separate items or all of them at once, use default or custom buttons, mouse clicks or drag-n-drop. DoubleList allows working with both lists individually using standard Webix API.

Bullet graph UI widget

Bullet graph UI Javascript
Bullet graph is a compact but the most informative way of data presentation. One chart with comparative marker and qualitative ranges performs three functions at once: display, comparison, evaluation.

It is possible to create both vertical and horizontal graphs, choose colors of the graph elements and adjust the animation speed.
Bullet graph UI JavaScript
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Bullet graph is available in Webix PRO version.

React and other frameworks integration

The main improvement of the release is integration with React UI library. You can expand the functionality of Web applications built on React with 88 Webix UI widgets. An example of integration usage is available here.

Important note: starting from 4.3 release all files that are necessary for the integration with Angular, Backbone frameworks and JQuery library have been transferred from Webix source code to separate repositories on GitHub. If you want to integrate Webix with other framework, you need to download the corresponding package. Links to Github pages are available in our documentation. This change reduces the size of the library.

You can find more information at the 4.3 What’s new page.

Download Webix 4.3