Webix 5.4 with GraphQL support, updated SpreadSheet and FormBuilder

Even though the summer is in full swing, our team of developers has been working hard to bring you the new version of Webix. Webix 5.4 includes the new WJet utility that will help you start working with Webix Jet, GraphQL and Firestore support, updated SpreadSheet and Scatter chart widgets, and usability improvements for Form Builder and Snippet Tool. Check out the What’s new page for the full list of updates.

GraphQL Support

Webix 5.4 can work with GraphQL due to the new proxy. Now Webix users can make precise queries using GraphQL syntax to fetch detailed information from backend exactly as the client side requests it. The GraphQL proxy also allows saving data back, through GraphQL mutations.

Webix 5.4 GraphQl support

Data Formats for SpreadSheet

Formatting numbers in SpreadSheet has become much friendlier with the new custom format dialogue. Apart from creating arbitrary formats, users can change a built-in format by choosing from options available in the dialogue.

Webix Spreadsheet with a new custom number format dialogue

Scatter Chart: Drawing Graphs by Coordinates

Now the Scatter chart can connect points with a line. Optionally, you can close a line into an empty or filled shape. Points are drawn on the chart by their coordinates.

Webix scatter chart can draw shapes

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Firestore Support

Following the major update of Firebase, Webix supports integration with Cloud Firestore. Now our users can enjoy real-time data synchronisation and data operations in the offline mode.

Get the demo of Webix-firebase integration >>

Bullet Graph: Dynamic Colors and Changeable Scale

You can regulate the size of the ticks on the scale of Bullet graph. You can also make Bullet change color depending on the current value.

Webix 5.4 Bullet Graph updates

Updates of Form Builder

Form Builder’s design and usability were updated:

  • more controls and options for their configuration,
  • more alignment settings for controls.

Webix Form Builder with new design and enhanced functionality

WJet Utility for Faster Prototyping in Webix Jet

Prototyping in Webix Jet has become faster with the new WJet utility. You can use the command line to create an app, configure ES6 or Typescript toolchain, enable authorization and localization, add gantt, scheduler or other supported widgets into the app. For more details, read the Webix Jet guide.

Download Webix 5.4

The new version also includes other minor updates and bug fixes, the full list of which you can find on our What’s new page. Go ahead and upgrade to the new version to fully appreciate improvements. If you are not a Webix user yet, you can download the trial version and find out how Webix can help you with development.

Download Webix 5.4