Webix 4.2 with Vue.js framework

We are happy to announce a new release of UI components library which will include 4 new things:

  • Vue.js integration;
  • updated Spreadsheet;
  • Web Worker for Pivot complex widget;
  • npm support.

4.2 release will also include a lot of small improvements.
Vue js with UI library

Vue.js integration

New library version provides the possibility of integrating Webix and Vue.js with the help of a special adapter. Starting from 4.2 version, you will be able to use advantages of this lightweight and fast MVVM framework inside Webix-based apps and Webix widgets inside Vue.js apps.

Updated Spreadsheet

Thanks to your feedback Webix community will gain such benefits as new preset functions for working with data in formulas in SpreadSheet. Besides, this powerful complex widget got lots of other useful functionality updates:

  • specific functions for processing text data in formulas (for example, UPPER function that transforms all lowercase data to uppercase, LOWER, TRIM, etc.);
  • creation of custom functions for use in formulas;
  • using ‘&’ operator in formulas to connect text data;
  • using cell data from different sheets in formulas;
  • selecting cells range using keyboard navigation.

Updated Pivot

February release brings a new feature to Pivot. Now it’s possible to run this complex widget with Web Worker. It allows processing Pivot data in the background, which resolves the issue with blocking app’s interface. Web Worker enhances performance of web applications that use Webix Pivot and makes them more user-friendly.


Now users of both free and commercial versions can install and update Webix and complex widgets via npm package manager. This method will be available both for free and commercial versions. A great thing for big teams of developers!

Webix 4.2 release will be launched on February, 23.