Webix Spring Follow-Up 2020

Let’s enjoy the first spring days with Webix. We have a lot of news for our users and clients.

Webix Spring Follow-Up 2020

Webix 7.2 was released. Among the most important changes and updates:

  1. Updated Webix File Manager. This is not simply a new version of the File Manager. This is a completely renewed product, a full-fledged SPA application with the new design and advanced features. In addition to the new screens (dual screen, file preview, playing metafiles) we have completely revised the architecture of this application, which has given new opportunities for customization and integration. Read more: documentation, feature overview, online demo.
  1. Updating the Filter widget for Datatable and Spreadsheet: now it has more rules for filtering and you can add your own rules and inputs for them.
  1. New sorting features in the Datatable widget. Users can now sort data by several columns. Hold down Ctrl/Cmd and click on the column headers in the order you want to sort the data.
  1. Updating the Spreadsheet widget. There are significant upgrades in Spreadsheet 7.2. When loading the data you can explicitly set its type: date, number or a row. Data types are saved when importing and exporting to Excel. For the new date type formats and formulas have been added as in Excel.
  1. Export to PDF with styles. Another important update in this version of the library is exporting tables to PDF with styles.

Webix for Salesforce. Now our users have access to a detailed description and demo example. You can request a special Webix package for Salesforce on this page.

Webix Spring Follow-Up 2020

Webix in the press.

  • For those who are just getting started with Webix or who are taking their first steps in web development, we recommend subscribing to the blog of one of our students. He gives a detailed view on the lessons and tasks for mastering Webix. (The blog is also available in Russian at this link).
  • The pros and cons of the declarative and imperative approaches in programming are described by Yuri Kitin (head of marketing) in this article.
  •  letsCode YouTube channel has released a series of six training videos on creating business applications using the Webix platform. Unfortunately the video is available only in Russian.

Thank you for following our news!

Sincerely, the Webix team.