Webix Spring Follow-Up 2021

Spring 2021 has appeared to be one of the coldest so far. But it was not an excuse for the Webix team to stop improving our product. Here is a list of the Webix achievements of this spring: 

Webix Autumn Follow-Up 2020

  1. Three new templates were released. Jobs/HR board is the one for the HR professionals. It can list candidates, filter them, post vacancies, etc. Timesheet displays current projects and tasks. It assists in tracking the progress and the time spent. Budget Tracker is the one to keep to the balance. It shows the expenses list, sorts them by categories, creates and saves reports. 
  2. Webix 8.3 was released. The most important part of it is the new Diagram Library. It is a convenient tool that allows creating any kind of diagram and built it into any business application. The Diagram can automatically add tree-like data, customize blocks and links between them, as well as to choose from around 9 types of various diagrams. 
  3. Scheduler updates. The widget now boasts the Timeline view, which can be shown as a day, a week, and a month. Units view was also added, which allows grouping events within a day. 
  4. Gantt updates. The details are described in the review. New functionality allows users to allocate resources to tasks of the projects, to see assigned and unassigned tasks. Another helpful feature is the ability to exclude holidays from the task duration. With Webix 8.3 Gantt functionality expanded even further allowing tasks splitting via drag-n-drop. 
  5. SpreadSheet updates. The performance of formulas was improved. The hidden rows and columns can be exported to Excel from now on, and the chart legend was improved. 
  6. Spring was the time for customers’ feedback. Many interviews were conducted and posted on our blog. Each new feedback from the clients is the opportunity for us to become better. We appreciate your reviews. 
  7. You asked us to tell you more about Webix Jet. We have prepared a guideline in 2 parts on how to take it all from the capability of this microframework. Check out Part 1 and Part 2
  8. One more useful reading is the article on creating a booking app with Webix UI library. 

Thank you, our customers and followers for being there for us! We keep improving for you. 

Sincerely yours, 

Webix team