We’re saying goodbye 2020

Let’s recall what has happened in the development of the Webix library so far.

We're saying googbye 2020

  • We have released a new complex Report Manager widget. It is a helpful tool in creating and storing reports with huge amounts of data. The solution allows you to export reports in Excel and CSV formats, to have different view modes, and to represent the data in the form of a table, a graph, and a heat map.
  • The Scheduler widget was released with the new Webix UI library version. It is a handy complex tool with the features of planning events, scheduling meetings, booking items. As with all our widgets, the Scheduler is easily set and ready to be integrated into any solution.
  • Another new complex widget this year was Gantt Chart. This one is an Agile project management solution. It manages projects and resources, sets tasks, and monitors their execution.
  • One more complex widget that was introduced this year is Chat-Messenger. It is used to organize chat rooms with several users with an opportunity to manage the list of contacts. The widget combines the functions of the chat and messenger in one tool.
  • This productive year has presented us also the User Manager widget. It helps to manage the user list, to administer access rights and permissions. Roles and rules of the project can be assigned, changed, and managed.
  • Among the important updates of this year, we can mention Webix JavaScript Spreadsheet. Now it can work both in desktop and compact modes. Besides, it has become possible to export Spreadsheet data to PDF. Follow this link to learn more.
  • Updated horizontal Timeline with the possibility to align timeline items horizontally and place them both to the top and bottom of the scale. You are welcome to read more here.
  • A new modern Material palette has appeared on the Colorboard. With the updated Color Selector, you can change the hue and shade of the color to your taste. And the TimeBoard widget provides dragging sliders for the exact time setting.
  • Earlier in spring, Webix File Manager was updated. It appeared to be a completely new SPA application with advanced features. New screens were added and the architecture of the application was revised. Some time later, the Document Manager was released. It is made to deal with the electronic document flow. These two widgets are very similar, though there are significant differences between them described in the article.

All the detailed reviews on the new and updated widgets can be found on this page.

To crown it all several interviews with Webix customers were posted. You can check our blog for the latest showcases.