Coming Soon: Webix 7.0 Release

The highly-anticipated grand event of September 2019 is about to happen soon. The new version of Webix UI library is coming out! While waiting for this big day let’s have a look at the major changes and updates that are going to see the world.


What to expect from the new Webix 7.0 release?

• We are glad to announce the long-awaited release of Webix Visual Designer. This tool will be very useful if you want to check your future app’s look-and-feel. The Visual designer will allow creating UI prototypes quickly and easily.
• The analysis of our customers’ feedback helped us realize that user training is in high demand. That’s why we’ve decided to make our new tutorials more interesting and illustrative. The topics will remain the same:

– Quick start;
– Datatable;
– Controls.
• The new Timeline widget will be added to the collection of Webix widgets.
• We will add the possibility to disable options of Tabbar, Segmented, Radio and items of List and Menu.
• With Webix 7.0 you’ll get the autocomplete functionality that will offer different options when you enter a particular symbol in Textarea.

• The existing Datatable column settings will be made more logical and some new settings will be added. 

• We’ll share a backend demos package for .Net, Node, PHP.

• Note that deprecated and rarely used API will be removed from the library.
Have a good day and follow the upcoming changes!