Grow with Webix: Real Showcase from Rael Bauer

Hey everyone!

We continue publishing real showcases from our customers, which were made on Webix. Today we’d like to share an article about the RightNote, personal information manager program for Windows, provided by Rael Bauer.

“RightNote is an advanced personal information manager program for Windows. It allows you to store all bits and pieces of information in a single place and then you can access that information later. For example you can capture webpages, store source code snippets, JavaScript Spreadsheet, project notes etc.. all in a single place. More information can be found here: //

Webix Showcase


We wanted to provide our users with a way to publish their knowledge bases to the web or to mobile devices, so that they could then access or present their information on these platforms.

This meant exporting the RightNote databases to a html/javascript format. We wanted to make sure that the output looked good and was also easy to use and navigate, hopefully providing some functionality similar to the desktop app. We also wanted the javascript to work straight from the file system, i.e. without requiring a server. (Many javascript libraries work fine on a server, but come to halt on filesystems).

From the beginning

So the search began. We evaluated a number of packages. Some looked promising at first, but then after working with them for a while, problems started coming up. The biggest difficulty that I had was fighting with html and css – getting things to align the way I expected them to, to work in “full screen” mode etc.., and dealing with the html tags was becoming cumbersome.

The market was full of UI frameworks. But I I started looking into Webix. First, it had a beautiful javascript UI, and second, as you can see from their home page, it is really easy to work with. Most importantly it took care of all the underlying html/css “dirty work”. It was pleasure to design my UI components with the Webix declarative json style, and “it just worked”, taking care of the proper alignment of controls and full screen mode. A great feature is how some controls include some pretty powerful features right out of the box. In my case, I could use the built-in tree filtering function to easily provide this feature to my users, so that they could filter through the tree structure or search results.

We developed a “desktop” webbook, and a mobile webbook. Here are some sample pictures, and links to these webbooks on our website:

Webix Showcase RightNote




The Webix documentation is very thorough and also provides many examples. Furthermore, the Webix team responded very quickly to the questions that I posted on their forum, which has been recently improved. The snippet tool is a great way to communicate about various issues and test code snippet. It was a pleasure to use the Webix controls, and I look forward to using them more in the future.

Thank you!”

And we would like to thank  Rael Bauer for his article, great showcase, that was done, and such a pleasant feedback.

If you have a real showcase based on Webix, you want to share it and highlight your company and product in our blog – you are always welcome!

Stay tuned and take care!