Top 5 Webix blog articles from January to May 2016: Part 2

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Today, we will continue highlighting the most useful articles for the newcomers that have been published in the first half of this year.

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Webix TreeMap – Power of Visualization

Still don’t know how to visualize your data? With the help of Webix TreeMap we will show you how! Webix TreeMap is a powerful widget that can display hierarchical data on a proportional basis. It is interactive, easy to read and quick to analyze.




Why TreeMap is excellent? Because it’s highly customizable and at the same time simple in use. And our documentation and samples will help you to get more information about this cool widget.

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Life is not on Instagram, let us choose Organogram

Yeah, lots of people are now dependent on their photos and the number of likes below them. But the article is not about it. It is about a more useful way of spending time – creating hierarchical schemes with one of the cutest Webix widgets – Organogram.



Now you can see how ready-made organizational charts appear in your browser without any magic, but simply with Webix PRO. All you need is just to put your data into this nice organogram widget.

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Webix 3.3 release

Not so long ago Webix 3.3 was released. And as usual the update was huge and great. So what has been done, improved and added?

First of all, now we have full support for drag-and-drop functionality on touch devices. Now this feature is enhanced, super user-friendly and has a better look.

Secondly, improved Export to PDF and Excel. From now on, you can tune the look and feel of the document itself, table body, header and footer. There are also lots of other tips on how to edit a PDF doc to make it look flawless.

Webix 3.3 release


Both Absolute Layout and Data Layout are available in Webix PRO edition now. Talking about PRO edition, we should mention that Sparklines, small line charts inside of datatable rows, found their place in our library.

We haven’t forgotten about our new cool and very powerful widget – SpreadSheet and added a built-in editor line, similar to the Excel one.

What is more, now we have updated File Manager UI. Haven’t tried it yet? Check out our free trial!

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Playing the Accordion

Yes, we have several musicians in our team: a violinist, a pianist, a drummer… But school and university years have passed and now it’s time to play some other “instruments”. Our front-end web developer Olga Kustova does it perfectly. In her article you will find out how to play the Accordion – Webix UI control which consists of panels that can be easily expanded and collapsed to make the whole interface sound.

Webix Accordion Widget


3 very useful and typical cases are going to be highlighted:

  1. Accordion with extra controls on panels;
  2. Dynamic Accordion layout;
  3. Smooth Accordion menu.

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Combobox Widget Party: Webix way

When was the last time you went to a party? And what about web development party? 😉

Nope, we are not going to turn on a disco ball. We’re going to talk about the Combobox widget, which can help users to solve lots of inputs issues.


Now you will know everything about 7 ready-made select widgets and 7 suggest lists for autocomplete options that Webix can offer. By the way, not only in theory. Interested? Then read more and dive into practice.


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