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Webix 2.1: Improved Compatibility with jQuery, Bootstrap and Beyond

We are glad to inform you about the update of Webix to version 2.1. This release presents a wide range of features. Most of them are aimed to improve the current compatibility of the Webix widgets with frameworks, libraries and browsers. Version 2.1 also includes some UI improvements and general bug fixes.

Compatibility with Bootstrap

Since version 2.1, Webix runs with Bootstrap, a popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework, even better, which allows you to build nice web apps which contain beautiful elements.

webix compatibility with bootstrap

Webix Mobile Scheduler – JavaScript Event Calendar for Mobile Devices

It is hard to imagine a modern life without planning both business and personal events. We can use desktop calendars, datebooks, web apps for such purposes. But the most convenient calendar is the one that is always at hand – a mobile calendar. JavaScript Scheduler is a JavaScript and HTML5 event calendar adapted for mobile devices.

This web calendar allows creating easily editable single- and multi-day events. To edit an event, you simply need to click on it and make the necessary changes in the “Edit” form. To change the start and end dates you should click on the corresponding form field and then select the date in the calendar.

Webix Scheduler has 3 basic views: Day, Week and Month. It is possible to navigate between them by clicking on calendar tabs.

Webix Mobile Scheduler- basic views

Drag-and-Drop within Webix Widgets

Webix features the drag-and-drop functionality that is available not only for desktop but also for mobile devices.

The library allows making drag-and-drop operations within a widget itself as well as between a few different widgets or even between the same widgets. In this article it goes about drag-and-drop operations within Webix data management widgets.

Learn how to implement this functionality with ease.

Drag-and-drop modes

Firstly, make sure that both target and source widgets have the drag property set to true. Basically, it is enough to enable drag-and-drop.

    ..//treetable config

Webix 2.0 Released with Improved Performance

Good news from Webix team! The release of new Webix 2.0 is ready! It is a serious version number that’s why we’ve prepared lots of useful updates for you.

Enhanced DataTable

Most Webix widgets have been updated but DataTable has undergone the greatest improvements . Let’s start with it.

Now it has such cool features as:

  • Rowspan and Colspan
  • Header menu
  • Advanced editors
  • Grouped columns
  • Saving current state
  • Advanced filter
  • Vertical header
  • Custom height for footers and headers

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