Webix 1.6 : Full Support for Windows 8 Touch Devices and REST API

Today we are thrilled to announce a new version of Webix.

Webix 1.6 runs properly on Windows 8 touch devices and supports drag-and-drop operations on all kinds of touch devices. Version 1.6 also brings several UI improvements and enhancements in server-side integration.

win 8 DND

Windows 8

After improving the work of the library on iOS and Android mobile devices we’ve passed on to enhancement of Webix support for Windows 8 touch devices.

Now you can develop web apps that support Windows 8 touch devices and show high performance.

Drag-and-Drop on Touch Devices

Starting with update 1.6, all Webix widgets process drag-and-drop operations on touch devices. If you develop an app with drag-and-drop functionality, you can be sure that it will work adequately on all mobile and touch devices.

Working with REST API

We’ve also made one more important improvement in server-side integration.

Prior to version 1.6 Webix integration with REST API was not full. But we’ve improved the logic and now there are no limitations and conflicts.

Webix 1.6 can be used with REST API generated by Ruby-on-Rails, Yii, Express, MVC.Net and similar frameworks.

Feel free to download new Webix to see how well it works on Windows 8 touch devices and evaluate other library improvements.

You can read more detailed info in our What’s new list.