Release Webix 3.2: SpreadSheet Widget, Rangechart and New Widgets Features

Hey everyone!

Now, while the last days of winter are going by, we are happy to present the first release of the year – Webix 3.2.

Webix 3.2 released


And definitely we would like to start with the most important part of our release – the new widget.

Spreadsheet widget

The truly outstanding hallmark of the February release is a feature-rich Spreadsheet widget that allows editing data in Excel-like manner. Being fully client-side it can load data either from plain JSON or database or even Excel document.

Spreadsheet allows you not only to format text values within cells but also define custom dimensions for cells, merge them into spans, copypaste the cells as well as calculate their values using Excel mathematical functions.  During data editing you can revert all the changes you’ve made and apply them back, if needed.

Webix spreadsheet


You can tune the widget to match your needs in the best way.  It comes with a fully configurable toolbar, and if it is not enough – subbar comes to your help!

All formatting including styles, spans and cell sizes can be easily saved to the server side as well as serialized. Additionally, you can export Spreadsheet data using all the current Webix possibilities, namely to Excel, PDF (yep, the new one!) and PNG.

Webix spreadsheet


You can find more information in our documentation or look through our samples.

The widget is available as an extension and you can  download SpreadSheet right now.

Undo functionality

While Spreadsheet comes with both undo and redo features, Webix receives the most powerful part of it, the undo one. Starting from 3.2 you can revert the changes during editing within all the data widgets.

view:”list”, id:”mylist”, undo:true, data:dataset


You can find additional information in the related documentation article.

Export to PDF

One more option joins Webix exports company. From now on, you can export data from any data widget into a PDF file.


export to pdf


You can customize export logic with a number of settings most of which are familiar to you by the existing .toExcel() export. Check the documentation for details.

Area selection for Datatable and Treetable

Mostly inspired by Excel and worked out specially for Spreadsheet, area selection is given to a standard Datatable (Treetable) as well.  

webix.ui({ view:”datatable”, areaselect:true, data:data });

Area selection favourably differs from existing selection patterns since it does not modify cell styling and moreover, it grants you a possibility to change selected area any time you wish by simply dragging the dedicated frame.

area selection

Follow the docs and try it yourself to see the advantages.

Rangechart widget

Charts go interactive with a new Rangechart widget that allows you to select data range with the help of a movable frame. Basically, all Webix charts with a horizontal scale can be turned into a Rangechart:

range:{ start:30, end:40 },

Though it may look like an insignificant update, the widget turns into a powerful tool for visualization of huge data in a detailed way, for instance if coupled with another chart.



Have a look into the documentation and samples to see how the magic works.

As you see, we have been working hard to provide you with powerful features and updates. Share your opinion and leave your comments – we are always open for discussion.

Enjoy your time exploring Webix and have a nice day!