The First Mobile App Built with Webix for Firefox OS

We would like to present a new mobile application built with Webix that works brilliantly on devices running Firefox OS.

Firefox App Built With Webix

“Firefox OS app built with Webix “Don’t forget” is a handy grocery list app that significantly simplifies your shopping. It allows you to create and manage shopping lists.

With this Firefox OS app, you can give a name to your list and then edit it if you wish. There’s also a possibility to select items from the ready-made list of products or add your own items. You can view the list items either presented in alphabetical order or grouped by a product category.

Sorting by alphabet in Firefox OS app

Moreover, if you add some products that are not included into our ready library to your shopping list, their labels will be automatically added to the “extra” category.

Thanks to the inbuilt autosuggest function, you can just type any letter from the product’s name and then tap one of the suggested words from the dropdown list.

Firefox App with Autosuggest Function

The products that you buy more often than others are automatically added to the section “My favourite goods”.

In addition, “Don’t forget” app allows crossing off the products that are already in your cart (or already bought) just by clicking the corresponding item. If you want to delete all the crossed off items, you can choose the event “clear purchases” in the dropdown menu list. This menu also allows you to rename your existing shopping list or clear it to start a new one.

Popup menu in Webix app for Firefox OS

As you can see, a new Webix app “Don’t forget” will assist you during the shopping making this process more pleasant and quick. To download the app follow this link.