Use Case of Webix Javascript UI Library – Gantt Chart GanttPRO

There are many ways how Webix UI can be used for creating an astonishing app. One of such cases is Gantt Chart Maker – GanttPRO, a modern app for scheduling projects, assigning tasks and managing their priority.

Gantt Chart Software GanttPRO made with Webix

Update of October 8, 2020

With the release of Webix 8.0 the original JavaScript Gantt Chart component has become available. Now Webix users can enjoy the native Webix Gantt. This component is created according to the canons of the Webix framework and it is intended for the integration into any business applications regardless of their architecture and system platform. 

Webix Gantt

You can download the free version of Gantt by following this link. You can find more detailed information on the Gantt home page, on the JS Gantt documentation page or in the Gantt source code sample catalog

The developers of GanttPRO has used Webix javascript library to build a responsive, fast and data rich interface:

GanttPRO includes the main features of classic Gantt charts such as drag-and-drop, free gantt chart templates, easy sharing and export, scheduling projects, that are essential for effective project management, as well as allows assigning tasks, sharing projects, importing from Excel and exporting to various data formats (the last beneficial features were implemented with the help of Webix UI library).

Why Webix?

“Our colleagues advised us to try Webix for this project as they found it efficient for developing similar apps. As soon as we needed a fast and easy-to-use library for building both desktop and mobile web apps, we decided to start working with Webix,” – says Sergey Kynitskiy, web developer at GanttPro project.

“By using Webix, we’ve managed to build a beautiful and user-friendly interface that allows processing huge amounts of data in a flash, which is a great benefit to our customers.

Gantt Chart Maker

Moreover, a helpful component DataCollection significantly simplified work with data, namely server synchronization, control of data relevance and other processes.

I’d also like to mention that it was fairly easy to customize the style and behaviour of Webix components.

I would recommend using Webix as it has the following advantageous features:

  • Fastest for loading large data sets
  • Handy component ‘DataCollection’
  • Easy customization
  • Simple integration with call-backs and inline edits

All in all, we are glad to collaborate with Webix as it’s made our life easier. After learning the library for a while, we could understand how easy it can be to build web apps. We hope that Webix will continue its success development.”