Webix 2.0 Released with Improved Performance

Good news from Webix team! The release of new Webix 2.0 is ready! It is a serious version number that’s why we’ve prepared lots of useful updates for you.

Enhanced DataTable

Most Webix widgets have been updated but DataTable has undergone the greatest improvements . Let’s start with it.

Now it has such cool features as:

  • Rowspan and Colspan
  • Header menu
  • Advanced editors
  • Grouped columns
  • Saving current state
  • Advanced filter
  • Vertical header
  • Custom height for footers and headers

Rowspan and colspan features let you display even complex business data in a readable form by merging rows and columns with similar data (available in Pro edition only).

rowspan colspan

If you add the feature “header menu” to Webix DataTable, your users will be able to choose which columns should be hidden and which should be shown by simple clicking on menu items.

header menu in Webix DataTable

With new advanced editors (Pro feature), you can change the grid content in various ways: select multiple variants simultaneously, edit data by using another grid as an editor or select options from DataView objects.

multi-select editor

You can display complex data in grouped columns that can be made either shown or hidden (Pro feature).
The visibility is changed with a simple click on the “+/-” icon that expands/collapses columns accordingly. This feature helps you organize complex data in a space-saving way.

grouped columns in Webix DataTable

In the previous Webix versions you could save the current state of the Tree widget only. Since the update 2.0, you are able to save the state of DataTable between sessions, which is implemented only in Pro edition.

Moreover, the users of your app can save all Webix widgets states to local storage and then restore it when they need it again.

Webix DataTable now has as much as four advanced filters which are: rich-select filter (drop-down list with items to select), multi-select filter (allows selecting multiple options at once), datefilter (allows choosing a date from a popup calendar) (Pro feature).

Datefilter in DataTable

The following feature is especially useful when you need to put huge datasets in a grid. You can place some text in the header of DataTable vertically to save space of your app (Pro feature).

Previously, the height of the DataTable’s header and footer was fixed. Now you can set a custom height for them, which will allow you to place the necessary amount of data in both the footer and the header.

Extended localization

The number of Webix locales has increased from 5 to 9 locales in Standard Edition and up to 305 locales in Pro edition. With such amount of Date and Number local formats, you will be able to build localized apps with ease.

Improved Tabbar

With Webix 2.0, you can add close buttons to Tabbar similar to those of browser tabs. One click on a tab cross, and your tab disappears. Furthermore, you can embed icons in Tabbar tabs with ease.

improved Tabbar functionality

Property Sheet

You may use the following on-page editors in Property Sheet: Select, Combo, Colorpicker, Text editor ( for passwords as well ), Multiselect, Richselect. To add more advanced editing functions use Grid Suggest, Dataview Suggest and Datepicker editors.

webix property sheet editors

Advanced Form

With Webix multiple-field inputs (pro feature), you can build a form that allows adding multiple entries and submit them at once. An extra field is added by clicking the “+” button, while the “-” button click removes a field.

multiple-field input in Webix Form

It is also possible to add multi-select inputs that will allow your users to choose a few options at the same time.

Custom Scrollbars

You will be able to replace standard scrollbars with custom scrollbars similar to Mac OS ones. Such scrollbars are invisible by default, but when you hover over the scrollable data they will appear.

Custom scrollbars

Progress Bar

You can make your workflow look prettier by adding either a progress bar, or a progress icon to any Webix widget. You may select one of the multiple predefined types of progress bars or create a custom one as well.
progress bar webix

Promise API for All Ajax Operation

Webix 2.0 provides promises for all ajax operations, which allows you to treat the result of asynchronous operations without callbacks. But you should take into consideration that the whole old callback-based API is still at your disposal.

Other updates

We’ve also improved the auto-suggest functionality as well as the keyboard navigation in Webix Standard edition.

As you’ve noticed, some of the features were marked as PRO. Since Webix 2.0, we will have been providing 2 editions of Webix. Standard edition is available under GPL license, PRO edition is available only under Commercial license.

Check what you can get with Webix Pro. Note that Webix Pro includes a feature-rich Pivot Table.

We’ve done our best to make your work with Webix faster, more efficient and interesting. We hope that you’ll enjoy new Webix 2.0!

The full list of updates you can find in the Webix docs.

Download the latest version by this link.