Webix 2.1: Improved Compatibility with jQuery, Bootstrap and Beyond

We are glad to inform you about the update of Webix to version 2.1. This release presents a wide range of features. Most of them are aimed to improve the current compatibility of the Webix widgets with frameworks, libraries and browsers. Version 2.1 also includes some UI improvements and general bug fixes.

Compatibility with Bootstrap

Since version 2.1, Webix runs with Bootstrap, a popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework, even better, which allows you to build nice web apps which contain beautiful elements.

webix compatibility with bootstrap

Strict mode

Now you can specify a strict mode that will allow your apps to run smoothly in Chrome plugins (Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, etc.)

Some other reasons why Webix strict mode is so useful:

  • it allows Webix to run with the apps that use JavaScript strict mode;
  • you can use the library for the apps that are based on Content Security Policy.

You will be able to switch on the strict mode by setting the corresponding flag to “true” before Webix files are included into the page:

webix.env.strict = true;

Compatibility with jQuery

Version 2.1 has also brought an opportunity to initialize via jQuery not only the ready Webix widgets like DataTable, Chart but also the components that you develop yourself on the basis of library widgets.

Font Awesome 4.2

The updated Webix uses the latest version of Font Awesome, which means that you’ll get plenty of new icons to use in your web apps (area-, line-chart, paypal, visa and etc.)

updated font awesome 4.2

Compatibility with IE

Webix 2.1 operates more efficiently with old IE versions. For example, Uploader will show high performance in Internet Explorer 8-9.

Advanced Math

Since Webix 2.1, if you need to call math operations that are more complex than the built-in ones, you can specify your own functions that can be used within formulas in DataTable or TreeTable with ease. For example:

function mysum(a, b){ return a+b };

    { id:3, difference"=mysum([:0, :1], [:0,:2]) + 1 - [:0, :3]" },


  • mysum – function name,
  • :0, :1 – references to table cells.

Other UI Improvements

The new version also includes the following UI improvements:

  • an opportunity to find necessary data in DataTable and TreeTable
  • tab close and – tab/segment remove events
  • a possibility to animate the creation of a view

With the new library version, you will be able to create feature-rich web apps with plenty events, perfect compatibility and safe code.

To learn more detailed information about Webix 2.1, please read documentation.

To get the latest Webix version, follow this link.