Webix in Practice: Digital Document Flow

Let’s continue learning about Webix users all over the world.  Today we have a talk with Stefan Schweiger, the head of alphaflow GmbH company in Germany.

Stefan has impressive experience of working as a freelancer in the sphere of consultant supply chain management. Now he is successfully developing his own product. We are happy to know more about Stefan’s company and projects.


We are glad you agreed to have a short conversation with us. Could you tell us a bit about your company and products? 

Our company is developing solutions for the IT market. You can go to our website at http://www.alphaflow.gmbh and read some information about us there. 

In a nutshell, we process digital documents like contracts, personal files, invoices, etc. We develop solutions for the document flow. Mainly we use software products of other companies, install and customize them for our clients. 

Earlier we used the products of the Easy Software AG company in Germany, before we changed to our new partner, which is the D-velop AG company. The latter has launched a cloud application store. So all the partners are now able to develop their own solutions on this platform and sell them.


That was the moment we decided to develop our own product. We switched from the companies that develop project solutions based on software set to the products developed from scratch with Webix.  

Mainly our product is focused on legal contract management. You can learn more about it at https://store.d-velop.com/de/SC-Contract-Vertragsmanagement/10001703 

Currently we are working with Germany, Switzerland and Austria. But we have plans to expand. There are some companies in the US interested in our product. So we are translating the software now to make it usable all over the world.

How long have you been on the market? 

12 years already as a freelancer. 5 years ago I founded my current company. 

Tell us a few words about yourself and your career. 

I started studying IT and I finished my Master of Science in Germany. Then I went to an IT consulting company. We dealt with legal contract management projects in big companies like DB Schenker or eBay. After some time, I decided to go freelance. I worked for 6 years as a freelancer for other IT companies in Germany. I managed projects and developed web applications. Then I found my own company and hired other developers. And here we are producing our own product! 

What are the advantages of your product? 

It is definitely a nice web interface. It feels like a real desktop application. Other applications are slow. Ours is clear and fun. You click and you get a response immediately. Our customers keep saying the same thing: “Wow! It is so fast!” We use Webix, and we are able to produce a nice software product.


What are your plans for the future? 

We are planning to develop digital personal files for personal contracts, vocation, week days and stuff like that. Also, we want to develop an application for applicant management. One more idea is an invoice solution. Everything will be developed on the cloud architecture with Webix. We have plenty of ideas! 

How did you get to know about Webix? 

I Googled it. I was looking for some UI frameworks. The Webix page attracted me with the example where you implement the data table with a few rows of code. I gave it a try and I fell in love. 

What difficulties did you face while using the Webix library? 

The Webix Jet structure was a bit confusing, when you split the whole application in multiple tiles. But we figured it out quickly. We are able to connect our front-end with the back-end without any problems. The process is very intuitive. I can mention some minor issues as date formatting. But we found the solutions immediately.

How do you solve the UX cases?

We use only Webix, as it serves all our needs currently. Our main focus is to keep the current state, so we prefer not to add any other library to the architecture. We are really happy with the library. We always present the Webix web page to show our customers what is theoretically possible. For example, to use Excel-like widget or to make their own desktop. We are selling our product, because the customers are excited. Even other developers are excited and eager to learn more about Webix opportunities. We spread the word for you! 

Can you say anything about the compatibility with mobile devices? 

We are not optimizing our interface for the mobile devices. It is not our focus. It is difficult to process the documents on the mobile device. But I can say for tablet devices that the software is fully usable. The Webix interface does everything for us.

If you are a Webix user and want to tell us about your experience in creating apps, don’t hesitate to contact us with your showcases. We will be glad to write about you on our blog.