Webix in practice: when does DevOps need the front-end

Webix continues to grow its community of users from around the world.  

From this interview, you will learn how to connect 16 cameras of one bus and how DevOps was called in the previous century.  

We have a conversation today with a Webix user from Israel. Kiril Serebnik is a development operation engineer at Lumissil Microsystems company. The company is a division of Integrated Silicon Solutions Inc. (ISSI). They produce audio amplifiers, LED drivers, touch sensors, and other analog semiconductor products. Their solutions are provided for automotive, IoT, and industrial markets.  

Nice to see you, Kiril. Please, tell us a bit about your career. 

interview with Kiril Serebnik

Hello. Well, I graduated from Jerusalem College of Technology, where I studied software engineering. I started my career at Motorola company. I was a software engineer there. Hard to believe it was in the previous century already! Then I worked at Intel and at Marvell Technology group. In that company, I spent 14 years mastering my skills in DevOps. Actually, at that time it was called configuration management. It included automatization of the software development methodology. Since 2010 this profession has been called DevOps. Currently, I’m dealing with automatization of basically everything that can move.  

Such a great experience you have! What does the company you are working in now deal with?  

Lumissil is a young subsidiary of ISSI, which is a well-known American company. I’m an automation lead. Our team includes about 50 people.  

In Israel specifically, we deal with home networking and modems for Automotive Industry. These modems can transfer data via any media, such as electric wires or communication cables. The benefit of our product is obvious. You can use existing infrastructure to transmit the data, you don’t need any additional cables or wires.  

Could you recall any interesting recent tasks? 

Well, for example, I can mention one project with an international bus company. We were tasked to install numerous video cameras inside and outside their buses. We prepared a demo for them with 16 cameras, the information from which was sent via power cables to the central computer. The whole solution did not require the installation of any additional cables to make that happen. 


That’s fascinating! Does Lumissil company offer ready solutions to the customers or you work with each client individually? 

We have a reference design. So we offer ready-made solutions, but any solution can be customized to the desires of the client. 


Let’s talk about Webix now. Where is it used in your products? 

Any automated process should have a front-end. That is my approach. It may be a Windows application or web application. I have chosen a web application as I’m using Python-based backend server Django. I got to know Webix in 2015. I tried it and started using it, as it seemed technologically full. Later more requirements appeared and we decided to purchase the license. So Webix is our sole front-end JavaScript platform. 


Do you use complex widgets? 

Yes, we are using the Query builder. It’s very helpful to build queries for our database. 

We are planning to use the File Manager as well. There are many dumps from test runs in the file system. And we want to make the interface of the file system to search logs and dumps easier.  

We may also use Kanban in the future. Though we are not going to use it ordinarily. We think the movable cards of Kanban may help us in our automated tests.  

So thanks to Webix license we may expand our possibilities significantly. 


Were there any difficulties with Webix? 

I should say that all the issues that appear I usually solve through the documentation. It’s really helpful. The Webix forum is also very worthwhile. All the replies are practical. The support is handy. 

In general, I can say that all the issues are solved in one day. I haven’t been stuck with anything for a long time so far. 

The thing I like most about Webix is that I can implement any design that I wish. I imagine something and then I go to Webix and implement my ideas. There are no limits to my imagination with Webix. 

We are pleased to hear that! Do you use any other libraries in your projects? 

No. I stick to Webix only. 

What about Webix Jet? 

No, I haven’t heard of it yet. 

Has anything changed in your company due to the COVID pandemic? 

Practically nothing has changed. We worked remotely for 2 months but it hasn’t affected our performance. We have managed to cope with all the issues successfully.  

You can learn more about the company Lumissil and its products on their website. Also, you can follow Kiril Serebnik at https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirilserebnik. 

If you have something to share with us about your own experience of using Webix products, do not hesitate to contact us here.