Webix July 2019 Follow-up

August is here already, which means it’s about time to take stock of the progress achieved by the Webix team in July. So, let’s have a look at the most significant events and articles of the previous month.

Webix birthday party

Congratulations! On the 7th of July Webix celebrated its 6th birthday! Since the time of its creation, our library has never stopped developing and growing. And now it’s a top-notch JavaScript framework that helps developers create high-performance business web applications. 

The new graduates of Webix corporate courses

Good news! One more group of developers has completed our corporate training courses on Webix UI basics and SPA development with Webix Jet.

Video review about Webix

Dive into the peculiarities of Webix UI library with the video review prepared by Dylan Israel, a skilled software developer and popular YouTube blogger. 

Webix insights

• Pivot Table and Pivot Chart widgets allow organizing large volumes of data and creating visual reports. Read this overview and explore the key features of these components.

• Are you aiming at improving user experience for your business software solutions? Read our latest article and find out how Webix tooltips can assist you in doing this.

 • If you aspire to build top-grade business web apps, get familiar with the list of JavaScript widgets that should be included in a UI framework or library.