Webix Greets the New Graduates of the Corporate Courses

The community of Webix users keeps on growing! Another group of XB Software developers has completed our corporate training courses.

Webix training courses

Our students have successfully passed the test and got the certificates. For a week and a half, they diligently attended the lessons from Webix UI basics and SPA development with Webix Jet. After finishing the courses, the young developers worked on a pilot project to test and strengthen their new skills, which they had acquired in the lessons.

The programs, which were completed by our students, allow JavaScript programmers to quickly learn how to work with the library itself and create single-page applications with our proprietary micro-framework, Webix Jet.

You and your development team can also study Webix in our and your office or via online webinars or use the article Top 5 Free JavaScript Online Training Courses for Web Developers . Besides, you can explore our UI library by yourself if you visit our interactive tutorials and training videos.