Webix August 2019 Follow-up

August is over, and it means some important events regarding Webix are getting closer. Check out this post to learn about what to expect in September. Also, don’t miss a chance to go through a selection of useful articles and news from the previous month.

• Our new manual

Click on the link to get the latest tips from our development team. This time they had DataTable in the spotlight. In this article, you will learn about how to work with dependent data sources and use options to connect several data sources and set dropdown lists for editors and filters.

• Webix from an outside perspective

It’s always useful to see yourself from another specialist’s perspective. We enjoyed the review of Webix written by a well-known marketer and blogger Jitendra Vaswani. We also invite you to read his article.

• Taking stock of our startup support program

It’s been half a year since we launched our support program for IT startups. It may seem that it’s a small period for making conclusions about how it’s going. Nevertheless, we already have a lot of promising observations and takeaways to share with you. Check out this post to learn about them.

• Diving deeper into a single-page apps (SPAs) topic

A SPA development model offers a large number of benefits for business owners. In this article, our expert сonsiders the topic in detail. If you still doubt that a SPA is your story, 7 Reasons to Сreate Single-Page Applications may help you make up your mind.

• What’s new in September?

And finally, we are moving on to the most exciting news. You’ve probably already heard that we are currently working on the big release of our library’s new version Webix 7.0. It’s going to come out very soon. So is our visual designer tool. A lot of exciting events are ahead, as you can see. Follow the news in order not to miss any of the upcoming releases.