Grow with Webix: Real Showcase from Michael Basin

Hey guys!

New week, new showcase from our customers. Today we are presenting a short, but colourful article from Michael Basin. The project, which was made on Webix, is called Blitz-Budget. So let’s start.

“I use JavaScript Pivot for mobile applications for financial accounting as a tool for generating reports. And I do it in an unusual way.

A smartphone is used as a web-server and Pivot is run on a PC as a client. Thus, users get a possibility to make reports on a desktop directly using data from the smartphone.

Blitz-Budget App made on Webix


Blitz-Budget for Android – is the program for accounting and control of personal finance.

The program is suitable for those who:
1. plans to maintain or keep records of personal finance;
2. as the primary device for accounting treat the mobile device (phone, tablet) running Android
3. entrepreneurs who want to divide the family budget and the budget of the enterprise.

Blitz-Budget App made on Webix


The program can be helpful in the collaborative accounting of revenue and expenses. Here are some examples:

  1. Full synchronization between devices;
  2. Collaborative financial accounting restricted by selected accounts, projects, persons, contractors or categories only;
  3. Collecting data on a single device, in a case when, for example, parents track children expenses.

Blitz-Budget App made on Webix


The application is available in Google Play. For more information you may visit my website“.

We want to thank Michael Basin for the material and cool project.

If you have a real project based on Webix, you want to share it and highlight your company and product in our blog – you are always welcome!