Grow with Webix: Real Showcase from Glasslink Company

Good day everybody!

Today we begin to publish new articles that describe the real use cases which were made with Webix by our customers. And the first article was presented by our customers Lars Kjebekk and Yuriy Klyuch from the Glasslink company.

“My name is Lars Kjebekk and I run the company called Glasslink. We specialize in glass and facade consultancy and also do some custom IT solutions. I have worked a lot with automating processes to improve efficiency and also provide the end users with better service.

Glasslink was contacted by Polyteknikk as they wanted to bring their service to the web. Polyteknikk is a manufacturer of professional tag signs for offshore, building and other fields that require technical marking.

The final result is //

The idea was to create a web portal where customers could login and design their signs online.

After a lot of sketching and brainstorming, we ended up with a 4 step wizard to design the signs. We have also implemented dynamic image view that shows the changes in colors, fonts, shapes, etc. in real time.

Design Wizard View


Order Creation View



Order List View



Dashboard View



In addition also some customers use bulk orders with excel files so we also needed to create an option to upload these files. The order is imported and signs are designed directly in the UI. The customer can open all order lines to adjust in the design wizard also.

Statuses of the orders are also implemented in the system. This means that orders are sent to production and then locked for user to edit, When an order is finished/complete the status is also changed and customer is notified.

We have ended up with an excellent order handling system and Polyteknikk are very pleased with the result.

My name is Yuriy Klyuch and I’m an “IT guy” in Glasslink. Polyteknikk project is my first project built entirely with Webix, previously I used a hard to maintain mix of bootstrap and a bunch of other widgets/libraries. We chose Webix among other libraries because of:

  • extensive list of widgets
  • affordable price
  • active development, frequent updates with new features
  • dev team actively answers in forum
  • easy to extend and use with 3rd party libs (we need to work with SVG)
  • can build responsive UI

Overall experience working with Webix is quite positive. There are a few things that I’d like to be more mature than they are now – responsive UI (I prefer bootstrap’s), custom CSS for components (hard to find what needs to be changed, a frequent use of “!important”), app building best practice guides (there is now micro framework Webix Jet – that helps in this area).

I would definitely recommend Webix as UI library”.

We want to thank Glasslink company team for the material and the nice feedback. 

If you have a real project based on Webix, you want to share it and highlight your company and product in our blog – you are always welcome!