Material Design in Webix UI

Material Design is a visual language that was developed by Google and is becoming trendy in mobile and web apps development. It is aimed at increasing the usability of application interfaces while preserving simplicity and nice look and feel of the apps. Web apps with this design can easily adapt across various platforms and all types of devices.

material design

Webix team was inspired by Google Material Design and created a new skin in accordance with the described visual principles.

Webix Material Skin

As you see in the picture above, the interface is cleaner and clearer, the shadows are lighter and the colors for selecting controls are brighter than they used to be. All these visual updates will help your users to focus on the work of application without diverting their attention to the visual features of the app. Such a light design of components makes the final app even more user friendly and allows it to look good on a wide range of devices.

To watch the performed changes, please check the Webix Admin App demo with a new Material skin. The source code of the app you can find here.

We are still working over the skin improvements and planning to make it public quite soon. Stay tuned to Webix news!