Webix 1.2: Integration with AngularJS and Backbone.js

We are proud to inform you about the release of Webix 1.2 with exciting enhancements and important additions. Version 1.2 adds integration with AngularJS, improves Backbone.js integration, fixes lots of bugs (more than 50!!!) and introduces a few nice API enhancements.

angular and backbone integration

Some JavaScript libraries create their own proprietary lock-in solutions to simplify integration with HTML but they are not always long-term and can’t be used in open-source projects.

Webix in its turn has made integration with popular open source frameworks providing you with a powerful open solution that extends your HTML vocabulary.

Integration with AngularJS

Starting with Update 1.2, there is an easy way to integrate Webix with AngularJS. Now you can use Webix directives to add complex UI components into your AngularJS apps. This solution allows you to take the best of two powerful frameworks: perfect app architecture from AngularJS and richness of UI from Webix.

You can check more details in the documentation

Improvements of Backbone.js Integration

The new version of Webix makes the integration with Backbone.js even more comprehensive. It allows you to build powerful web apps taking all the advantages of this MVC framework and at the same time using rich Webix components instead of manually coding custom solutions.

You may use Grids, Trees, Charts and other components alongside with Backbone Views. Data from Backbone Models can be used in Webix components, and the results of edit operation can be routed back to the Backbone models and controllers.

It would be nice if you evaluate the significant enhancements of the library update in practice. To do it, download Webix. We are excited to know how successful they are.

To read more detailed info about Version 1.2, learn our what’s new list.